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Alexa can now read your schedule via your G-suite calendar and make changes to it as and when required. Amazon announced the same today, adding that the change will extend to all Alexa powered devices. Enable the feature an then speak out to get Alexa to read out your schedule before you.

You can also get it to make changed to the same simply by speaking out. This is a pretty big addition as G-suite’s calendar is a popular way for people to keep track of their schedule. The G-Suite calendar is pretty simple but more importantly, its close integration with Google’s other services means that it can do stuff like pulling appointments out of your e-mail.

This latest integration means that Alexa powered device could suddenly become useful objects to have strewn around your office or workplace.

To add this particular capability to your the arsenal to your Alexa powered device, you don’t need to download a new skill. Instead, open up the Alexa companion application and go to calendar under settings. You ca enable the Google Calendar right there. Meanwhile, Alexa already offers support for a slew of other calendar applications like Outlook Calendar and Office 365 Calendar so yeah, you can pretty much stay on top of your day with Alexa, regardless of the calendar you use.

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