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Family Link is one of Google’s more useful software. It is aimed towards allowing parents to track what their kids are doing with the Android devices in their possessions. However, the major issue with the system is that it requires both the parents and the kids to hang on to an android device of their own. However, the company is now changing things around and has launched an app for configuring and monitoring the child’s device usage on the iOS platform.

So, what this means is that the parents can still deploy their iPhones and monitor what their kids are doing on their Android devices. Parents can also set bedtimes for their kids, forcing them to lay off their devices and go to sleep at fixed times. Considering that the iOS platform now occupies over 42 percent of market share in the US of A, what this means is that the app suddenly has significantly expanded horizons.

Make no mistake, the program is still under testing. Sure, Google did unveil the software last month. However, it said that not everyone would have access to it at once. Instead, a limited number of users would get access to it on an invite only basis. The invites here have been sent out on a request-basis. The company said that it was doing so because it wanted to sort out issues first before.

Meanwhile, parents can do a load of things like controlling which apps can be downloaded by their kids, what time they lay off using their devices and so on. They can also track exactly how much time kids are spending in which applications through weekly and monthly activity reports. However, there are still a few issues involved. For instance, your kid must still have an Android device that runs Android Nougat (7.0) or higher. Let’s see if Google ever decides to launch a version that supports iOS at both ends.

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