When it comes to self-driving cars, numbers actually count for something. The more cars you have at your side — or more accurately, driving on the roads — the better are your chances of becoming the best. Well, no one knows this better than GM. The company is now readying to deploy a huge fleet of vehicles in a bid to gain the expertise its cars need to learn their way around public roads.

Apparently, the FCC has received an application for permission to deploy somewhere around 3,000 vehicular radar units, with 10 units per vehicle, on the roads. As a bit of simple mathematics tells us, that equates up to somewhere around 300 cars in total. Some time later, GM filed an application for permission to deploy the same type of radar as well.

Not much data is available but even from what we know, it seems like GM is preparing to put a large number of cars t large. As for how large? Well, it could well be the largest autonomous fleet fielded on the roads, by a single company yet. If true, this could give GM an advantage in terms of sheer numbers and data collection abilities and also provide a boost to its self-driving car program.

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