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With its record-breaking reign over the gaming console market, Nintendo Switch has started attracting interest from analysts from around the globe. Though they’re impressed with the portability and success of the console in such a short span of its launch. But, the analysts are confident that the Japanese game developer still needs to further refine its home and portable business strategy, reports Bloomberg.

According to a research note published by analysts from Citigroup Inc., the Nintendo Switch is performing exceptionally great when compared to expectations. But, they continue to add that the console quite perfectly defines home and portable entertainment but is quite bulky for everyone to enjoy gaming — or watching a movie, the functionality arrives soon — on the go. And, thus, they predict a new lighter, smaller-sized Nintendo Switch will make its way to the market in the fiscal year through March 2019.

Further, with regards to the same, the analysts add,

Although the Nintendo Switch can be used as a handheld device, we think smaller children could struggle to use it comfortably in that format due to its size and weigh.

Accordingly, we think Nintendo will launch a lighter, dedicated handheld version of the Switch, possibly to be called the Switch Mini.

Well, if any of the Nintendo executives are reading this story then I’d say that the idea of building a smaller 3DS-sized Switch console doesn’t sound like a blatantly poor idea. Instead, this is a magnificent proposition to not only upgrade the existing console, but also cater to an even larger audience by lowering the price, due to its smaller size. It will help them expand, as well augment their console lineup for a larger target market — except existing enthusiasts.

Though Nintendo Switch’s design aesthetics have been praised by fans worldwide, the Mini Switch console will definitely have to be more handy, comfortable, and free of any Joy-con sync issues. This new console would also sit perfectly Nintendo’s vision of finally putting together their indoor (Wii consoles) and outdoor (3DS consoles) gaming strategies.

Due to the same, Citigroup analysts, namely Minami Munakata, Kota Ezawa and Alicia Yap, are already estimating the Mini console to sell 6.7 million units in the twelve months through March 2019. They’ve predicted the recently launched ‘Nintendo Switch’ to sell over 25.7 million units by then. The investment group has also given Nintendo a buy rating and quoted a target price of 35,000 yen per share. The game developer is currently trading at around 25,750 yen, about 36 percent lower than the target.

The elegant tablet-style hybrid console has already been crowned as the fastest-selling console in the Japanese developer’s history, in accordance to American sales figures. The analyst prediction, however, lines with the revelation that Nintendo Switch has proven to be the most successful console for the Japanese developer in its first month in the U.S. Industry researcher NPD Group revealed that the new device has sold 906,000 units in North America — since its launch on March 3. Nintendo was ecstatic about the achievement and reiterated,

[Nintendo Switch] sold faster in its launch month than any other video game system in Nintendo history.

Further, Nintendo also announced a couple days ago that it will be releasing new neon Yellow colored Joy-con controllers and straps in the coming days — if you’re looking to upgrade your Switch. The new Joy-con controllers cost $80. It is coupled with the launch of a brand new battery pack, which is expected to significantly boost the battery life and allows for longer game plays. A handful of new games making their way to the console — Ultra Street Fighter II, Minecraft, Sonic Forces and Puyo Puyo Tetris among others.

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