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Google seems to be gearing up to put some up and coming enterprise startups through their paces. It has quietly launched a new job application tracking platform, as it is being referred, to only a handful of tech companies through an invite-only beta. It is basically a simple and minimalistic recruitment platform for enterprise professionals.

Called Google Hire, this platform is being described as an application tracking system which enables an employer to post job listings, and then accept, track, as well as manage applications. It has currently been opened for access only to a handful of technology giants such as Medisas, Poynt, Warner Bros subsidiary DramaFever, SingleHop, and CoreOS.

Google Hire itself is hosting its job listings on the platform, an excellent way to test drive the service. The job listings on the platform are quite diverse and range from marketing to engineering roles, as suggested by Crunchbase.

As per several reports, coupled with handy evidence, Google Hire seems to have been developed by Bebop, an enterprise cloud service provider co-founded by Vmware co-founder Diane Green (currently appointed as Google Cloud’s Senior VP), which was acquired for over $380 million by the search giant towards the end of 2015. The Bebop team was then merged with Google’s enterprise cloud platform division and this platform could be fruits of their development platform’s labour. Also, the error message displayed on the Google Hire website instructs you to contact the Bebop team.

Credit: Crunchbase

This development from the search giant also comes on the heels of the recent introduction of a Cloud Jobs application programming interface (API), which can be employed by enterprises to integrate job application and hiring tools directly into their platforms. The said developer API provides the necessary machine learning-powered tools to connect a job seeker with the adequate job postings in order to simplify the whole complex process.

An official announcement for the release of Google Hire and its invite-only beta haven’t come yet, but its website is currently live at You can currently access the sign-up/login page but you will not be able to reach the platform at present as the preview is available only to a limited audience. We’ve contacted Google for more info and will update when we hear back.

With the flood of startups and growth of existing technology giants, recruitment has become a huge business opportunity. Not only are giants like LinkedIn or Glassdoor tapping the opportunity, but startups like Greenhouse and Levels are also exploring the scene. And now Google is looking to complement its existing G Suite enterprise services by offering companies an option to search for the next employee on Google Hire. The search giant seems to believe that it can improve, as well as take on existing job hiring platform available on the interwebs.

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