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Nintendo is pushing a brand new, yellow color to its Switch console. Technically speaking, it is the joy cons which are receiving the color but since they form most of the body of the console, it is all the same. This increases the number of choices available from gray, blue, or red to now include yellow as well.

The yellow joy cons can be purchased separately for $80. Nintendo has also announced the launch of a brand new battery pack that is expected to significantly boost the battery life of the system and allow for longer game plays.

The company also announced that it will be launching two tournament to celebrate Maro Kart. The game is slated to launch on April, 28th and the company has asked us to keep our ears peeled. The company also took to Twitter to announce the launch of a slew of new titles for its console.

  • Ultra Street Fighter II on ! Releasing May 26.
  • Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, including the Super Mario Mash-Up pack on May 11.
  • Sonic Forces, racing to holiday 2017.
  • Fate/Extella is headed to with more than 30+ DLC outfits included and launches on July 25.
  • Netherworlds in Disgaea 5, May 23.
  • 4-player puzzle mash-up game Puyo Puyo Tetris launching April 25 on

Finally, the company announced that limited quantities of the standalone Nintendo Switch dock will be available for purchase on May 19th!

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