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There seems to be no dearth of happy news for Jio subscribers in India. Adding to their joys, Google India today announced that Pixel devices will soon support VoLTE and WiFi calling over Jio network in the country. The feature will be rolled out with the next Nougat update, the company said in a tweet.

The feature will allow Jio Pixel users to call their friends, relatives or any other individual through their Reliance Jio number over the VoLTE network. Since Jio still lags behind in terms of network range and call quality, the feature will provide an additional way for communicating to Jio users facing such problems. Though the Wi-Fi calling feature is only available for Google Pixel devices, it may be of any use to a limited populace only.

Just yesterday, Jio took the wraps off its new tariff plans under the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer. Under the same, Reliance Jio is offering the complete service package including unlimited data, free SMSs, and Jio apps subscription for three months at the price of just one. This new offer is applicable for both Prime as well as non-Prime members.

Retailers and industry insiders mention that Google Pixel sales have not taken off, thanks to pretty high prices (₹57,000 upwards) and the greater interest in Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy variants in the super premium category. The shipment numbers by Google further validate the point. It had shipped around 30,000 Pixel smartphones during the initial launch period and around 10,000 more subsequently, as per reports of January 2017.

As the feature is a plus point for Jio users, correspondingly it is a brand-new marketing tactic by Google to entice consumers in India. The users will be able to make calls using their Jio number even in remote areas. As per a report by, VoLTE made its way to the Pixel on Jio back in December itself and that this forthcoming Nougat update will enable WiFi calling as well.

However, the feature may not provoke any envy on the part of other Android users, especially among the youth. There are several other calling options available for them now, thanks to a large number of third-party apps — which support audio/video calling over the internet. It may surely attract professionals and the inactive social crowd in India.

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