Attest, a MarTech startup, has managed to take in $3.1 million in funding in a round led by Oxford Capital and Episode 1. The company also drew in funding from a range of new Angel investors including London Business School Professor of Management and Marketing Paddy Barwise.

Headquartered in London and founded in mid-2015 by Jeremy King and Tony Hunter, Attest was established on the premise that companies want to use better data for their decision making, but that the traditional market research industry is slow and cumbersome. Attest provides the solution with its new tech-driven market research and insights platform that tackles two problems: how to do more research, more often, and how to incentivize respondents to make this possible.

Jeremy King, CEO of Attest, commented on the round:

High-quality insight and real data should be at the heart of every good business decision. We want to empower more people with better research, deliver the previously impossible, and breathe new life into how research and insights are used.

Attest’s platform, counting the likes of M&C Saatchi and Deliveroo as customers, claims to have more than 80 clients, and allows the user to design a survey in minutes, and then zero in on a target audience, quite like the demographic targeting conducted by Facebook. These surveys shall take all of 7 minutes for a respondent to complete, the optimum time before response rates drop off, with answers expected within a matter of hours.

The new inflow of funds will be used to expand into new markets and accelerate further product development.


Meri Beckwith, an associate at Oxford Capital, said:

Attest gives companies the ability to be truly customer-centric and data-driven. From validating ideas and products, to exploring changing consumer behaviour and real-time trends, Attest allows clients to engage with custom audiences on-demand, to make better decisions every time and avoid wasted research spending. It’s exciting to change an industry with an entirely new approach.


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