Google, Color Tool

Yup. Google has launched a brand new tool by way of an offering for developers, that can allow them to test out different colors for their apps. The tool also allows users to deploy and test different palettes for their applications, and then even share the said palettes with fellow developers.

This is not the first time that Google is directly involving itself with the design process. Previously, the company had worked in tandem with  developers and haf also issued thev Material Design guidelines as a point of reference. Back then, the company also asked developers to pay special attention to the color combinations they were deploying in their applications.  Today’s service builds upon that and take the form of an app that will let users see what their app actually looks look like while applying a particular color combination.

So basically, you can create a particular color palette and then apply it to your sample interface. If you have yet to create one, you can also apply the colors to different material design components in CodePen. Finally, the app also has an interface wherein it helps you determine whether all that text you are putting on your website is even legible or not.

Here are the things, you can do with the color tool:

  • Create color schemes that include darker and lighter variations of your primary and secondary colors.
  • Check if text is accessible on different-colored backgrounds, as measured using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines legibility standards.
  • Preview the look of your color scheme across a range of Material Design components, with editable HTML, CSS, or JavaScript in Codepen.

Google’s new tool is certain to prove of great help to developers and hopefully, help them churn out better applications.

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