Reddit is awesome. I mean it is one of the best websites around if you want to get down and dirty into debates over topics that could range from astronomy to the current political scenario in the US. However, compared to Facebook or even Twitter, it is minimalistic to the point of being austere. The company is now making up its mind  to adapt to the new trends and towards the same, is making its profile pages more like Facebook and Twitter.

Reddit is now offering its users a brand new profile page design that will allow them to make posts straight to pages, taking away the limitation of posting to communities. This way, other Reddit users can also follow a particular profile and then check out the new posts  that are made through by that profile.

Reddit announced the news through its platform last night. The company said that it was planning to test the feature with a few redditors, following which it will it could roll it out to the wider public.

Tomorrow we’ll be launching an early version of a new profile page experience with a few redditors. These testers will have a new profile page design, the ability to make posts directly to their profile (not just to communities), and logged-in redditors will be able to follow them.

So now, a small number of redditors will be able to post straight to their profiles. This profile page will be able to combine posts made to the profile and posts made to communities. What that means is that following the profile, you would also be able to keep a tab on all the posts made by a particular user.

Also, Redditors will be able to comment on these profile posts however, they will not be able to create new posts on someone else’s profile.

We’re making this change because content creators tell us they have a hard time finding the right place to post their content. We also want to support them in being able to grow their own followers (similar to how communities can build subscribers).

The platform has been working with mods in several communities so as to make sure that the change will not cause any negative impact upon the existing communities.

Meanwhile, the change is a big one and is certain to shake things around a bit as people dabble — those who have been allowed anyways — in the new feature. Sure, moderation could prove to be a bit difficult as Reddit relies upon community moderation and the question that who will review the content posted by individuals, rises to the surface. However, the community has shown itself capable of surmounting difficulties and if the feature adds to Reddit’s overall value, I am sure they will surmount this one as well.


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