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Yes, it official now! Your favorite plumber is coming to your Android smartphone! This morning Nintendo America tweeted that their first-ever gaming phenomenon ‘Super Mario Run’ will be making its debut on Android next week. The game was initially released only on iOS back in mid-December but is coming to the Google Play Store on March 23.

While Android users have already been given access to Nintendo’s second mobile game Fire Emblem: Heroes earlier this year, they had been waiting to try out the nostalgia-ridden plumber game on their devices. The release date for Super Mario Run announced today is in line with previous leaks, which suggested March would be the magical month. Plus, Nintendo opened the game for pre-registration back in December, thus, piquing our interest in the game.

We might have spent all our childhood making Mario fight evil cats, turtles and finally the green turtle-dragon villain in an attempt to rescue the princess, but that’s not exactly the case here. Super Mario Run is an auto-runner and has been designed with touchscreens in mind. It allows players to control their beloved plumber, with the huge red hat, using just a single hand.

Here also, Mario is running across different worlds but the number of the same is restricted to three in the free version. You’d have to shell out $10 to purchase the full version and unlock all 10 different worlds, at least that was the case on iOS. These worlds contain 24 different levels in the World Tour mode and asymmetrical multiplayer challenges in its Toad Rally mode. Mario also collects items on its run and they can be used to decorate your Mushroom Kingdom — yeah, that’s a thing in this mobile game.

But wait, there’s more. Nintendo is also making a version 2.0 update for both platforms available on March 23. This update will bring along new playable characters and provide users with a chance to unlock World 1-4 on Super Mario Run. The latter will require them to complete one of Bowser’s challenges in the free version of the game. That’s it.

This gaming phenomenon is the second with Nintendo’s name attached to it, but this one has been developed by the Japanese gaming giant itself. Super Mario Run’s upcoming release on Android will help Nintendo witness a sudden increase in traffic as the players try out the game. But, as reported earlier, the conversion rate, as well as regular players of the game have been minimizing each day.

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