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As announced today, Spotify has hooked up Google-owned navigation app Waze to make your driving experiences more fun. Both these apps will integrate their services and hence bring your favourite Spotify playlists directly into the Waze app. Though Google Music competes with Spotify, but the recent collaboration has no links attached to it. Furthermore, Spotify being the digerati in the music field isn’t worth fighting against.

Speaking of the partnership, the Waze blog read as under,

Get ready for that daily commute, upcoming cross-country road trip, weekend getaway – or even traffic jam – to turn way up.

With Waze, you’re already covered with the most reliable navigation. And now, thanks to Spotify, your killer playlists (and even the embarrassing ones you’d prefer to listen to with the windows up…) are all on the very same screen.

Starting from today, you can stream music while navigating with the Waze app on your Android phones. The integration will be seen in iOS devices in the coming few weeks. You’ll have both the options, either to operate Spotify within the Waze app and vice versa as well. Within Waze, the Spotify icon is visible on the home page. A single tap on the same opens Spotify and the last song you listened to starts playing automatically. The navigation icon is located at the top of your Spotify drive mode screen. This means you can start navigating with a single tap, your music continues to play in the background.

You can access your playlists within the navigation screen itself. You can also start navigating with Waze from within the boundaries of the music app. You can switch between apps with one tap, only when your car is at a complete stop. Installation of both the apps on your smartphone, however, is a prerequisite.

The blog further concluded on a healthy note stating,

Waze wants you to stay safe, so the app will prevent drivers from browsing while the car is in motion. Now go craft your most epic “Spring 2017” Spotify playlist and rock the road.

After integration with Uber and Tinder, Spotify wants to experience the touch of the mapping industry with Waze. The platform recently crossed 50 million paid user mark and further presented a few alternations in its subscription services. Spotify also announced the acquisition of London-based audio detection and discovery startup Sonalytic, in order to improve its personalised playlists to matching songs with compositions and improve upon its publishing data system.

On the other hand, Waze (formerly known as FreeMap Israel) was founded in 2007. The app offers GPS-based geographical navigation to users along with sharing real-time crowd-sourced traffic data. The company was founded by Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shinar and Uri Levine and backed by Israeli VC firms–Magma and Vertex and an American investment company Bluerun Ventures, was acquired by Google in 2013. The deal was logged in for more than $1 billion back then and it is now controlled by Google itself.

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