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Tesla Model 3 was unveiled about a year ago, however, it was picturized only through words or within the press conferences. But, now thanks to  ‘Unplugged Performance’, the Instagram profile of a Tesla customizing shop, you can have a glimpse at a Model 3 prototype driving down the street right here — just a prototype, though!

The video was captured next to the SpaceX Hyperloop track in Hawthorne, California. It showcases a Silver-painted Model 3 driving down a public road. The video might not surface as a viral stream, but it is certainly being appreciated by automobile enthusiasts across the globe. This $35,000 electric sedan captured everyone’s interest in a moment’s time and has amassed over 400k reservations.

So here it is,

Our office neighbors are the best! Model 3 driving outside our office alongside the SpaceX Hyperloop test track.

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The employees at the aftermarket shop recorded the said video while the Model 3 was rolling down the block in front of the SpaceX headquarters. The prototype as seen in the video exactly matches with our imaginations, however, it’s unclear who was piloting the Model 3. The prototype further assures that the production for a next-gen automobile is soon to initiate.

Early in March, the company confirmed to be producing some early prototype Model 3s at its Fremont factory.  Those car prototypes might sport some changes from the display cars we saw at the initial launch. And what’s even more interesting, it would most likely be a global launch as Musk has confirmed that Tesla would be making its way to India this summer — September.

Moreover, Tesla’s long time supplier Panasonic recently developed a new solar roof product with the ability to generate 180W power. This module is the first-ever to successfully be able to generate enough power to charge an electric vehicle powertrain and other 12V batteries. This new solar roofing technology is particularly intriguing as it has the ability to charge lithium-ion batteries that make the powertrain in Tesla vehicles.This means that a Model 3 with the solar roof will actually be an option available for people to choose from – but maybe in the near future.

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