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The Nintendo Switch has officially taken the crown for the fastest selling games console in the Japanese developer’s history, in accordance to the sales figures for North and South America.

Nintendo has not yet publicly revealed worldwide sales numbers for the console, but just within first two days of its going up for sale it has surpassed even the Wii in the American region, which covers the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

Nintendo Switch, which was released less than a week ago on Friday, is a tablet-style hybrid console that can both be played on your televisions and on the go. Though it had been criticized greatly for its high price and a comparatively weak roster of launch titles, but widespread queues and sold-out stores suggest strong demand for the console.

Reggie Fils-Aimé, the head of Nintendo America, mentioned to the *failing* New York Times that sales on Friday and Saturday in the American region had surpassed that of even their massively successful Wii, which went on to sell more than 100 million consoles.

Proper sales data will officially be made available when the company reports full-year financial results, which are expected towards the end of April. Shares prices for the company have actually risen by 8 per cent since that fantastic Friday morning.

Despite amazing reviews for the Switch and its trademark launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a serious lack of other titles has not gone completely unnoticed. Early glitches with the console have also included a syncing problem with the new Joy-Con controllers with the console, and “dead pixels” on its screen.

The company has tried to explain that syncing issues may have been caused by playing the console next to computers, smartphones or other electronicsMr. Fils-Aimé added that the new Zelda title had become the fastest-selling launch title in Nintendo history, outselling Mario 64 two decades ago.

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