Facebook has apparently gotten around to testing the dislike button. However, the company is testing it in a most unlikely place — the messages. Apparently, the company is testing a new feature wherein certain users are able to find themselves able to respond to messages in chat via emoticons and the dislike button.

As per TechCrunch, hovering over messages in a chat thread brings the emoji button which can then be tapped to express your feeling about the particular message. You can use the full range including feelings like — like, Dislike, heart-eyes, lol, wow, sad, or angry emojis to express your feelings about a particular statement. This isn’t new in itself considering that we have had this facility for Facebook posts since the past year. However it is the first time that the company is testing it in chat as well.

Meanwhile, the other participants of the chat will see the reaction as well and the total list of reactions will also be attached to the message.

Interestingly, the company saw fit to throw the dislike button into the mix. You probably remember how the dislike button is one of the most asked for features on Facebook. Well, the social media platform did not allow them on its news feed, but it is not have averse to testing them out on chats. Should you come across something you don’t like, just let them know!

The feature is available to a very limited number of users as of now. However, depending upon the user response, the company may chose to introduce it to other platforms and regions as well. The feature could serve to be useful and add yet another dimension to chats with each message having the potential to turn into a full fledged thread. The new feature appears to be very limited at present and there is no word about when — and if — it will see a more global launch.

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