Domino’s Pizza has partnered with Australian voice technology company, Nuance Communications to provide a voice-enabled ordering iPhone and Android app for its customers.

The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which allows customers to interact in an almost-human conversation (text or speech recognition) through the Domino’s Robotics Unit (DRU).

Available to customers from this week, the in-app virtual assistant can interact with the customer and provide one-on-one, customized information about menus, ingredients, store locations, and operating hours.

Nuance Communications believes that the app will “redefine technology and put Domino’s in the lead, for an intuitive ordering method, that is a true first within both traditional and e-commerce retail,” and will allow companies to serve their customers better.

Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager of Nuance’s enterprise division foretells the future by stating:

Whether ordering pizzas, booking a flight or transferring money into a bank account— convenience is what translates to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Patrick Doyle, President, and CEO of Domino’s Pizza opines on this breakthrough technology:

We want to be the ones who continue to advance the technology experience – hand-in-hand with our customers. Our mobile app users who are a part of this launch are truly helping set the foundation for the innovations of today, that will soon enough become the standards of tomorrow.

Building on the success of the DRU, Domino’s announced a 3rd party AI system that focuses on the automation process, uses real-time data to serve customers, and manage stock levels— all by using AI platforms such as Amazon Echo and Google Echo.

In a company statement, the food chain that this announcement is a step ahead from mobile first to AI first.

Moving forward, they will be developing platforms that align with AI and machine learning, part of the Domino’s vision for “Internet of Food— which is all about removing any barriers and making it easier for the customer to order and pay for their meals online.”

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