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The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers seem to be suffering from major synchronisation issues, according to quite a few reports. Pre-release packages with unpatched versions of the console and its controllers are currently in the hands of journalists and many of them have made similar complains regarding the controllers and its desynchronising and disconnecting from the console while it’s in ‘docked’ form. This has been witnessed on the Nintendo Switch during in its menu interface as well as in games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This sync issue seems to only affect the left Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, with Kotaku’s Jason Schreier being just one of the many media professionals to have tweeted about issues with the left Joy-Con specifically. The left and right Joy-Con controllers offer somewhat different capabilities, such as, the right controller allows the Switch to connect to your amiibo figures. It is also possible that as Nintendo worked extra hard to make sure that all the additional technology in the right controller works without faults, issues with the left controller may have slipped past their attention.

Though it is worth mentioning that the Japanese company has already laid out a Nintendo Switch day one patch that will address a wide variety of concerns that people have had with the console up till now. This includes adding some proper eShop support and upgrades regarding the console’s online connectivity. It might just be the case that this patch will also addresses the Joy-Con sync problems too and that the impact of this major pre-launch issue will be pretty much negligible come launch day.

Considering all this, there is now the very genuine fear that this patch won’t be able to fix the problem and that the issue will end up prevailing for weeks after the console is released. Nintendo has mentioned that it’s looking into the issue but what if it’s not able to solve it in time? Extra Joy-Con controllers do not come cheap so it will be massively disappointing to learn that these pricey accessories don’t work as marketed. Nintendo should expect to sell a few extra controllers in that case.

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