Pokemon Go

Hey, who doesn’t love a Chikorita, or a Cyndaquil, or a Totodile? The new generation pokemon have their own cult following among fans. We got a very tangible example of the same recently, when it was discovered that the recent wave of new monsters have helped Pokemon Go jump back to being the number 1 grossing iPhone game in the US.

Last week, Pokemon Go was updated with a series of new pokemon. The new Gen 2 critters have caused a resurgence in in-app spending for Pokemon Go, with the game jumping to spots within the top 5 on both Android and iOS. Prior to the update, it featured in the bottom 5 of the charts for both the ecosystems.

It also marked the first time that Pokemon Go returned to the first spot on the iOS ecosystem, after the new year event. On Google Play, the application is on the no. 3 spot, right behind Game of War and Mobile Strike. The above data is for the US, however, the game appears to be performing equally well in other regions as well.

For example, Pokemon Go has jumped up to the number 1 spot in Great Britain, Denmark, Ecuador, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, and Slovakia as well.

However, the boost received through this update is likely to run through soon. So yeah, Pokemon Go is not likely to achieve its former glory anytime soon. That said though, this just goes to show that regular content updates can serve to keep fans engaged.

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