Ever since its release in late 2015, Microsoft has gained huge appreciation for its Surface Book device. But, Samsung might now have plans to hog some of that limelight with a competitor of its own. And the Korean giant is also planning to adapt the naming criterion by calling it the ‘Galaxy Book’.

The speculation for the said device has surfaced due to the unexpected release of a new ‘Book Settings’ app on the Windows Store. This application, first spotted by MS Power User, points towards the development of a Window 10-based laptop. But, the application is also compatible with Microsoft’s holographic platform (that’s interesting!).

Samsung has itself dropped a hint that it is working on another Window 10-powered PC, which is expected to be an upgraded variant of 2016’s TabPro S. The moniker for this alleged device ‘Galaxy Book’ has already been confirmed because of the description attached to this new app. The same reads as under:

Install ‘Book Settings’ which includes Battery Life Extender, Screen mode, Pattern Log-in, User manual, and other Samsung features.

Book Settings is an application for Galaxy Book. It may not function normally on other devices.

Further, the app may not tell much about Samsung’s Galaxy Book itself, it does give us a peek into the host of features that it is expected to include. In the screenshot attached below, you’ll see that the Galaxy Book will include support for the infamous S Pen, an AMOLED display, and Battery Life Extender —  which sets the maximum battery charge level to 85 percent. Further, the device will even include additional security features as well.

But, you might be thinking, why we’re so sure about the device being named Galaxy Book? Well, it is because Samsung already holds a trademark for the said moniker. This trademark filing dates back to 2012 and says that this naming terminology is reserved for tablet computers, PCs, and smartphones. So, there’s nothing to doubt in this area.

There is currently no information on whether this device will ever be unveiled but this leak suggests that it definitely is in works at the Korean giant’s headquarters. Samsung is currently gearing for a tablet-focused MWC launch event, so if we’re lucky enough, we could see the Galaxy Book debut at MWC in Barcelona next week. Though the chances of this happening are quite bleak.

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