Pitch Off Season IV is less than ten days away, which means the countdown has officially begun. There are always those minute but infinite efforts which make up for something this grand. We are gearing up for the event day and it will all come together on 18th of February.

But there’s one question, asked by many, that keeps on hovering around us, “Why Jaipur?”

So here we are, with the reasons and the one basic detail that will always matter – our city choice.

Surging startup ecosystem of Jaipur

Yes, the Pink City has been catching up with the pace of rising startup ecosystem hubs. Not only it boasts of a wonderful infrastructure, it has been filling the gap between “what a startup needs” and “what a startup can have” from a city. A nucleus of entrepreneurial pursuits, Jaipur has been witnessing success stories of various emerging startups such as CultureAlley, Wholesalebox, CarDekho, Lifecare, Tax2Win among others.

Business acumen of Rajasthan in general 

This is something we all are aware of, Rajasthanis have a way with businesses. Jaipur, being the capital of the state, is buzzing with great minds who are confidently setting up their businesses or startups. Startup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are working on new technologies, innovations and, relevant solutions to overcome the problems hat prevail in the society.

Also, Jaipur is considered as one of the top targets for angel and venture capitalists. The investors are becoming appreciative of the startups encompassing strong business model and ideas.

Career prospects for individuals

Jaipur comprises a large number of qualified individuals who have the appetite to grow and the apt skill set but confront a major issue – lack of opportunities. This results in either them moving away or settling for less than they deserve. Apart from the professional flair of its residents, the city exhibits low talent acquisition costs. The right step to finding a solution to this will be a win-win for both, the companies and the people.

All that is needed is the right platform. With Pitch Off, we want to garner the attention of various firms and industry leaders to substantiate the brilliance and talent we Jaipurites possess.

The Pink City does not get the right exposure

It’s high time we address the elephant in the room – not a lot of such events happen in Jaipur. Pitch Off exhibits a melange of technology, startups, and entertainment. There are conferences or events that take place in the city, for example, Rajasthan Startup Fest, but we are hosting an exclusive tech industry conference with an aim to build a bridge between global giants and startups.

We want to provide startups a platform where they get to learn from insights of industry experts and avail the opportunity to interact with them.

*Our love for Jaipur*

Headquartered in Jaipur, we are one of those Jaipur-based companies who has gone global. We believe in staying true to our roots, and hence, we wish to host Pitch Off in Jaipur, and this is our giveback to the society.

There is a lot more to look forward to in this edition of Pitch Off, happening in Jaipur, on February 18, 2017, at Birla Auditorium! We will continue to bring more sneak peeks into the event, stay tuned at pitchoff.thetechportal.com

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