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Apple appears to have an unbelievably hard time staying on schedule when it comes to manufacturing wireless headphones. Both AirPods and the Beats X wireless earbuds have been delayed by at least a couple of months. The company has been coming back on track though and somehow managed to start shipping the AirPods a while ago. As per the latest news that is coming in, the Beats X wireless earbuds are ready to roll from this very month.

As per TechCrunch, Apple has confirmed that the Beats X earbuds are set to hit the shelfs of retail stores. The earbuds will be available at brick-and-mortar outlets from Feb, 10th. What’s more, in addition to the previously announced black and white , the earbuds will now be available in blue and gray colors as well.

Coming to the specifics, the Beats X earbuds can be charged through the lightening conductors and are capable of providing around 8 hours of playback after a single juice up. Unlike the AirPods, there is a cable here that has a button to trigger Siri. So yeah, you can use the headset to do stuff beside just listening to music. Also, the cable is made up of Flex-Form so as to better adjust itself against the shape of your neck.

Apple has also come up with a couple of nifty little magnet that click together when you hang the headsets around your neck. The other important carry-away about the headsets is the W1 chip. The chip makes the pairing process easier than ever. However, the headphones are not compatible with non-Apple phones. As far as price is concerned, the earbuds are expected to carry a price tag of somewhere around $150, which should make them comparable to the AirPods.

Speaking of the AirPods, Apple’s first set of ear-buds generated pretty solid set of reviews. Let’s see if the Beats X can repeat the feat.

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