Indian Television industry seems to generate content that has saturated our minds with too much “household drama”. To take the steam off of our monotonous routine we couldn’t even turn to “Indian web series”, because, that space wasn’t popularized until The Viral Fever invaded our screens.

It came at a time when we were busy binge-watching the foreign counterparts and brought that “ultra-modern” vibe we genuinely craved for. Now finally, we have something desi instead of all those sloppy, high-end melodramas.

Pitch Off is proud to bring TVF to Jaipur once again and there are reasons you CANNOT miss the chance to see them set the stage on fire –

Drama behind the comedy

Vipul Goyal-starrer Humorously Yours is TVF’s recent web series that has been critically acclaimed and loved by the audience. It has smoothly depicted the life of a comedian once he steps off the stage, all that happens behind the glamor and grandeur.

This is the first series Vipul has acted in and he certainly managed to made it last in our hearts. Watching him live on stage already seems so exciting! (Yes, Ranjit has confirmed himself!)

Sharmaji’s son in the startup ecosystem

TVF sets a perfect example of how “startup meets success”. TVF was Arunabh Kumar’s brainchild which is creating some insanely-viral quality content shows. Owing to the rising popularity and success, Tiger Global had fueled a whopping $10 million into the startup last year.

After having Arunabh in Season III, it is no brainer why we invited him along with others to #PitchOffSeasonIV again. They simply exhibit the ideal blend of tech and entertainment.

Permanent Roommates’ heartthrob 

Permanent Roommates has shown us a fresh angled, realistic portrayal of present-day commitments. The protagonists, Nidhi Singh (Tanya) and Sumeet Vyas (Mikesh) completely ruled our hearts, and it is no surprise that Sumeet took our breath away. He evoked life into his character as Mikesh, and was at his murkiest-best as Chandan in Tripling. He co-wrote Tripling, which has simply us saying these words – Baba, you are beautiful!

He is coming to Pitch Off on 18th at Birla Auditorium. This just adds on to the already building up excitement and all we can say is it’s going to be Cool.

 A never-seen-before “combo”  

Arunabh, Vipul and Sumeet are more than a fanatical fusion. They are going to bring that energy and youthful vibe that we have been crazy about. Also, this is the first time Sumeet and Vipul are coming to Jaipur. If this isn’t what makes you go gaga over attending the event, we don’t know what will!

*Surprise surprise*

As much as we would like to predict what Jaipur will witness on 18th, we honestly cannot because, TVF, is well TVF. With the crazy permutation and combination of celebrities we are expecting from The Viral Fever, it would be unfair to not expect something mind-blowing. Which is why, insiders have hinted there might be something unexpected and surprising that can happen.

All we can do is wait, which seems the hardest to do, because, duh, its surprise from TVF!

There is a lot more to look forward to in this edition of Pitch Off, happening in Jaipur, on February 18, 2017, at Birla Auditorium! We will continue to bring  more sneak peeks into the event, stay tuned at


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