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Lenovo, the largest PC manufacturer is the world is not only proving to be most innovative but also the most affordable one at the moment. The Chinese company charmed tech enthusiasts by showing off its latest innovation Yoga Book in August last year. Now, the same design as well as hardware specs have now been ported into an affordable variant running Android. This is the Lenovo Yoga A12. starting at $299.

Starting off with hardware specifications, the Yoga A12 imbibes the quintessential design aesthetics from the previously released Yoga Book. This laptop also has a completely slim design and packs the innovative new halo keyboard — a touch-sensitive surface that doubles as a zero-tactile backlit keyboard and a Wacom sketchpad. But, this variant doesn’t include the Wacom sketchpad built into the keyboard, which is the primary reason for this price cut.

The flat keyboard integrated into this laptop lights up and provides haptic feedback when you want to use it as a normal keyboard. One can also completely rotate the keyboard to use the laptop as a tablet, the primary motive of keeping the keyboard flat. The Yoga A12 is carved out of magnesium and aluminum, weighs less than one kilogram and is 5.4 mm at the slimmest edge.

As for the internals, Yoga A12 is powered by an Intel Atom X5 processor coupled with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a 12.2-inch touch display. This, for the sake of comparison, is lower than those packed inside the Yoga Book —  4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. While both the laptops may be powered by the same processor, the screen size has been increased for this Android tablet. The Yoga Book packed only a 10.1-inch screen, and looked like this:

While the Yoga Book provided users with an option to choose between Windows and Android, the Yoga A12 will only be running Android as the default operating system. There is no Windows 10-specific offering for this variant. This hybrid laptop provides a battery life of up to 13 hours on a single charge, whereas the Yoga Book could last up to 15.5 hours. One could, at this point, also debate that Lenovo could’ve built a Chromebook instead of an Android-powered laptop. But the company is already working on one, which will be released very soon.

As for the pricing, the Yoga A12 will be available for purchase from Lenovo’s official website on February 8. With color variants – Gunmetal Grey and Rose Gold, Lenovo is asking $299 for the base model. And this definitely looks like a wonderful and affordable deal.

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