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Now, when more that 3 million business organizations are using Google’s G Suite productivity app, the company can not afford to leave any scope for a security breach. Therefore, today, Google is launching a brand new set of security features with the aim of protecting the business data on its platform.

For instance, administrators may now compel their users to provide physical security keys that are sourced from companies such as Yubico before they are able to access their data. Also, they will gain control over deployment of these keys and get regular usage reports. Google also notifies that the feature is already being used by online payments service Stripe, which saves its users from phishing using these security keys as an additional level of protection.

Until now, Gmail was the only platform that supported data loss prevention (DLP) service, but with this update, many more Google’s services will join the quest. Now administrators may enable DLP for the Google Drive, which will, just like Gmail, prevent the employees from willingly or unwillingly sharing sensitive data outside the company. Admins may may also put restrictions on viewing contents on documents as well as pictures.

And for the sake of enhancing security associated with its e-mail service, G Suit will now allow enterprises to bring their own certificates for S/MIMI encryption, along with facilitating the search of  Gmail logs with BigQuery. Not just this, Enterprises willing to  archive their emails outside of Gmail and Google Vault will be offered easy integration with third-party services like HP Autonomy and Veritas.

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