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The pace with which we are stepping into the world with “modern version” of pretty much everything is quite overwhelming. We are part of an era where each day we come across novel innovative concepts, products or services that simply amaze us. And The Tech Portal’s flagship event Pitch Off Season IV celebrates that innovation and feeds on the amazing World of such technology.

There are global companies who have been playing a vital role in making this possible. They are vigorously working to roll out new-age technologies and services with some of them even keen to support emerging startups across different sectors.

What if we say, you will get to witness five such giant corporations on one common platform? What if there’s more to them than just sharing a stage together? What if you get to engulf yourself with answers you often search for? AND What if you get to network with them?

Well, remove the ifs already, we are here to make this possible. Have a look at these multinational firms, whose representatives are going to talk at ICICI Bank presents Pitch Off Season IV, powered by Rupaiya Exchange, this February –

HCL Technologies

The Indian multinational IT company operates across numerous sectors ranging from aerospace and defence to financial services, public services and hospitality. Recently, it was recognised as one of the global leaders for its Internet of Things (IoT) services. It has been actively working in this segment and operates its own IoT arm. Earlier last year, it had installed an IoT incubator in association with Microsoft.

Apurva Chamaria, Vice President and Head of Corporate Marketing will be representing the company in Pitch Off.  He heads the Digital Marketing team and is a sought-after speaker at Industry Conferences.

Target Corporation

The Target Corporation, commonly referred to as Target, is an upscale discount store retailer headquartered in the United States, and one of the World’s Most Valued Companies.

Target India has been functioning for about eleven years serving as an extension of the Minneapolis HQ. It is often touted as Target’s second headquarters. The company had unveiled Target Accelerator Program in India to tap startups that are relevant to its business and the broader retail industry. Mahesh Calawai, Senior Director – Innovation, Analytics and Supply Chain, will be joining us at Pitch Off Season IV in Jaipur, from Target.


A Telecommunications company, Moto (erstwhile Motorola), is particularly famous for its budget-friendly smartphones. Prasoon Sharma, Global Transformation Strategy Head, will talk about Why Innovation is Lacking from India and how can we have more product focused, Tech Startups?

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is a developer-focused cloud service provider. Having set up its first datacenter in Bangalore for developers last year it specifically caters to the need of software developers and startups. Digital Ocean is also providing Free Credits for its services to the Top 3 Startups that would win this Season of Pitch Off.

Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Head (India) who had previously worked as Amazon India head of seller marketing will give his views on Global Tech Giants like Digital Ocean penetrating into the Indian market and how India is a lucrative market for these corporates.

Qualcomm Ventures

The corporate investment arm of the largest mobile chipset manufacturer, Qualcomm, QV actively invests in startups specialising in Virtual Reality, IoT, Drones, Automotive, Cloud and Mobile Health. Varsha Tagre, Director of the firm will be present at Pitch Off to give insights on the Role of Incubators, Accelerators etc. in the development of the Startup Ecosystem and also the Most Attractive Investment Domains for Investors in the Coming Decade.

There is a lot more to look forward to in this edition of Pitch Off, happening in Jaipur, on February 18, 2017, at Birla Auditorium! We will continue to bring  more sneak peeks into the event, stay tuned at

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