Archaeology, when teamed up with Virtual Reality, makes the process much simpler and easier. You can stroll around the site you are working on or visiting and have an idea of the location from inside.

Enter Australian VR archaeological startup – Lithodomos VR. Its vision is to accurately transform the sites and artefacts from the ancient world into immersive virtual reality experiences in the modern world. It offers precise archaeological reconstructions for utilization in tourism, entertainment and education sectors.

This startup creates a high resolution, 360 degree stereoscopic photographic representation of an ancient cityscape from a given point. It lets the audience view this 3D reconstructed video of ancient environment coupled with music, audio narrative and a variety of scenes to mesmerise them completely.

It has already built a VR reconstruction of the Arènes de Lutèce, in Paris, just as it would have appeared 2,000 years ago during the Roman era. The customers can choose to experience the reconstruction either at home or on site with hardware of their choice.

The Melbourne-based startup, in order to expand and strengthen its role as a virtual reality archaeology company has managed to raise $679K in seed round of funding. Currently, it has contracts for content in Spain, museum installations, a video in the Berlin Film Festival (VR category), an app in Jerusalem.

Lithodomos VR was incorporated by Simon Young, the company’s founder, and CEO, in 2016, which was incubated in Mktplace Ventures. In a statement, he said,

Our obsession over archaeological accuracy is what makes us stand out. In just a few months, we’ve grown from little more than an idea to a fully operational VR content production and distribution company with nine team members.

He went on to add,

From the beginning, we have had only one goal: to bring the ancient world to life for everyone using virtual reality. This funding round is the next step forward.

The startup’s free app, Ancient World in VR, is available on Google Play now, and it also has paid app, Ancient Jerusalem in VR (Google PlayApp Store).

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