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Google Chrome is now better than ever with its latest update which allows users to reload pages, as much as 28% faster. The announcement came today from Google, which says that they have worked alongside Facebook and Mozilla- the makers of the Firefox browser — for developing faster page reloads in Chrome for both desktop and mobile phones.

Chrome is Google’s free-ware web browser, which entered 2017 boasting to be the worlds most used web browser with an impressive 56.43% market share. The update takes it further ahead against its competitors, mostly Microsoft’s Edge, which claims to be its closest rival in the present — more because of Microsoft’s deep penetration amongst PC users than anything else.

Page reloading is one of the most essential features in any browser, and normally, when a page is reloaded, it makes numerous network requests for the sake of checking whether the contents which were previously loaded are still valid or not.

Takashi Toyoshima, an engineer for Google writes in his blog post that people generally reload the page because they either appear defective, or they think that the page requires an update. The feature was originally created because broken pages were a common occurrence then, however, now the reload feature is mainly used when the user thinks that some fresh information might have popped up on the page. Although, with the advent of dynamic pages, even that is changing as pages automatically keep refreshing themselves with fresh content.

In order to avail the fresher contents faster than before, the Facebook team has uncomplicated Chrome’s reload feature. Thanks to the new changes, Facebook pages, along with any other page now reload quicker than ever before. So, from now on, updates will appear quicker on Facebook — as opposed to the process being faster when you were running the Facebook app on your mobile.

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