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Almost 15 months after they hit the market, Amazon Dash Buttons have jumped out to the wider virtual space; they can now be clicked on and used to shop from the Amazon homepage or app. So basically, the physical buttons have now gone virtual.

In case you are unaware of them, the Amazon Dash buttons, which have been a runaway success, are Wi-Fi-connected gadgets that let you order certain branded items from Amazon without having to go to the website. It currently handles close to 200 brands across a range of products.

Amazon Dash on the other hand, is the name of the actual consumer goods ordering service — which uses the e-commerce behemoths’s proprietary device for ordering goods over the Internet.

The dash system comes with the Amazon Dash scanning device, that can be used to inventory consumer goods around your place. Next comes the the Dash Button, which is an unobstructive, tray-like device that can be placed anywhere and programmed to order a particular consumer good — say paper towels, or cooking oil.

The virtual dash buttons, as first reported by Recode, will further streamline the process of one-click ordering that Amazon wants it’s customers to leverage. You can put the virtual buttons on your homepage and tap or click them to order the associated products without having to search for them. Amazon has reportedly automatically created buttons for items that you order often or have recently ordered. You can also create virtual dash buttons for any product out there by clicking on ‘Add to dash board’ tab.

The Amazon site and app will feature a dash button dashboard to let you edit or modify your dash buttons.

Back when Amazon conceptualized the idea of Dash buttons, it was termed as a revolutionary move to promote impulse e-commerce shopping. It had the purpose of letting users order without going on the Amazon website or app itself. Placing the Dash Buttons on the digital properties could aid in Amazon’s efforts to make the consumer indulge further in shopping.

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