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When it comes to giving shape to innovative ideas using the  latest technology, we know that Apple is unstoppable. The American tech giant is planning to introduce a second- generation, Apple pencil this year alongside the next version of the iPad Pro. The news comes from sources within the Asian supply  chain.

According to the Chinese website, Wei Feng, the Pencil  2 and new iPad Pro could be launched in March 2017. Also, the new iPad Pro is rumored to be pack a 10.5 inches display and a bezel-free design. Features like Touch ID  could also be built into the display and an upgraded A10X  processor could also be found under the hood.

The Apple Pencil which is currently in use across the world was released in 2015. It received much praise for its ease-of- use, low latency performance and minimal design. But users complained that the first-generation Pencil lacked customization features including an eraser and the problem of where to keep the pencil when out of  use.

So there has been plenty of speculation that to fill the shortcoming of the first Apple Pencil, the company outlined new functionality in several of its newest patents, including new antenna technology and a magnet that would enable the user to attach the Apple Pencil to the iPad’s body when not  in use.

Apple may also be thinking of backing the new Pencil with  MacBook support  The Chinese report also suggests that the Apple Pencil 2  might include a standard open clip mimicking pens so that  users can carry it around with them without any difficulty.

The functionality packed by the new pencil may also offer users new ways to interact with the system. In a report by Bloomberg, it was written that,

Apple has  considered allowing users to annotate objects in many applications across the whole operating system, including in Mail, the Safari web browser and iMessage.

Also, in answer to questions asked by Wei Feng over Apple Pencil 2’s characteristics, sources within the Asian supply chain merely said,

Compatible with a large number of applications.

Well, the new device may just take the tech world by storm. The company may release its much improved and highly scaled product, later this year.

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