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While we’re gearing up for the upcoming launch of Windows 10 Creators Update, the rumor mill is churning out new features on the daily. It is now believed, thanks to a leaked Insider build, that Microsoft plans to sell e-books through the Windows Store.

This development was initially reported by MSPoweruser. The said functionality has been spotted on a Windows 10 Mobile preview build. It will, however, be made available across all Windows 10-powered devices including PCs and tablets. The e-book section will also be included in the Store which already hosts the apps, games, and other multimedia content.

Under this dedicated section, you’ll get an option to purchase digital books from a range of different authors and publishers. And buying the book is also as simplistic as buying an app on the Windows Store. You just need to go through the synopsis (very important) to choose a book you want to read and hit the ‘Buy’ button to purchase it.

Microsoft had been preparing to introduce the dedicated e-book section in the Windows Store for a couple of months. It has already added support for reading EPUB files within the Microsoft Edge browser, starting with Insider build 14971. And, the Windows 10 Creators update will be bringing along a dedicated section for books to the browser.

Further, the reading experience might differ as compared to other professional EPUB readers. But Redmond is continually trying its best to make the most of every feature inclusion. Using the said reader in Edge, you will be able to access the table of content, place bookmarks into any book. You’ll have the option to customize the theme of the EPUB viewer, change the font size, color and family of the text.

This addition will mark Microsoft’s final step into the digital realm for the upgradation of their Store. The option to purchase and read books digitally has been available on Google and Apple app stores for a long time. Redmond had caught up with them in regards to other categories instead of just this one. And it now plans to be at par with them with this move (except for a low availability of apps/books).

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