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Apart from wireless keyboards or mouse, it seems like wireless earphones and headphones have also made an important stake in the industry. According to the new data released by the research firm, Slice Intelligence, the wireless headphone market has seen significant growth over the past year — a growth further propelled by Apple’s Airpods.

From the data presented by Slice Intelligence, it was inferred that an estimated 75% of revenue from headphones which were sold online in the United States, came from wireless models, up from 50% in December 2015.

Apple launched its new AirPods last year and within a small time period, the product has shown marvelous growth, leading the way with an estimated 26% share of online revenue in the wireless headphone market.

AirPods have replaced Beats at the top position. Beats shared an estimated 15.4% of online revenue in the wireless market, down from 24.1% between 2015 and December 2013. We can surely say that launching AirPods has been beneficial to Apple as the technological giant has taken nearly 40% of online revenue in the market since it launched its wireless headphones — at the cost of many snide jokes and memes.

The research also tells us that 85% of shoppers who purchased AirPods are male. AirPods did not really attract a lot of female buyers. The gender data is based on 2,871 U.S. online shoppers who purchased AirPods between December 13 and December 31.

It was also reported that December 13 was the largest single day of online headphone spending last year, leaving Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind. Though Apple has not yet disclosed its’s AirPods sales data, CEO Tim Cook vaguely hinted at there performance when he said that these wireless headphones were a “runaway success” amidst “a great holiday period”.

Meanwhile, Apple’s wireless headphones are estimated to have a 6 week shipping period in places where they are even shipping at all. Apple has said that it is working to deliver orders as fast as possible.

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