Apple had released its watchOS 3.1.1 update this Monday for its Watch Series 2 models. But the update roll out has been discontinued as upgradation to this version is leading to bricking of devices. Early adopters of the latest operating system are complaining that their smartwatches are showing a red exclaimation mark at boot up (post the updation process).

Some reports also witnessed the progress bar being stuck at a point leading to force restart by users. Even the reset option didn’t work out for the said problem and eventually Apple has now withdrawn the watchOS update.

The exclamation mark on the watch screen comes with a URL for Apple support. The URL will redirect you to the Apple support page that advises for a force restart. The support page also says that if the force restart isn’t a success, you need to take your smartwatch for servicing. The problem is not being faced by all users though.

The complaints have been posted on Reddit from both Series 2 as well as Series 1 Apple Watch owners. The devices that have suffered would be replaced by Apple as watches can’t be restored even at the store. If you’re one of those unfortunate users, either you’ll need to visit an Apple retail store or ship off your devices yourself. Apple has not commented upon the matter so far and is still in process of diagnosing the issue.

The problem is more relevant on Apple Series 2 models compared to Series 1 and Series 0 models. Those of you who have downloaded the update but not yet installed it, it would be best to hold on to watchOS 3.1 or below only.

Apple also recently released iOS 10.2 alongside Apple TV app for its devices. There has been no issues reported as such for both the roll outs till now. Further, success and drawbacks are yet to unveil though.

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