ten3T, a Bangalore-based medical grade wearable device startup, has today announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in its angel round of funding from Pi Ventures. The round also saw participation from a group of angels, including V. Krishna Prasad, Co-Founder of Qikwel, Bhupen Shah and other angel investors from the Valley and Bangalore.

The funds raised by the company will be deployed to beta test the its first device Cicer in multiple healthcare settings, including doctors in private practice, nursing homes and for at-home monitoring. The device monitors real time ECG, respiration, pulse and temperature and streams them simultaneously in real time to the doctor’s tablet and the nursing station.

Cicer can be used to get a Spot ECG i.e. an instant reading or can be worn for hours. The device is a self-enclosed, wireless 9 cm wide smart patch that is held against the chest for 20 seconds to generate an instant ECG or worn for several hours for continuous monitoring.

ten3T, founded by Dr. Sudhir Borgonha, Rahul Shingrani and Prasad Bhat, builds wearable medical devices that collects and integrates medical grade data in real time. Besides manufacturing the devices, it deploys, manages and analyzes the data with predictive functioning. Each wearable device includes multiple sensors to collect clinical grade data, continuously streaming signals from ECG, pulse, SpO2, respiratory rate and temperature – all gathered within 30 seconds, all analyzed and reported in real time.

Dr. Sudhir Borgonha, Co-founder & CEO, ten3T, says,

Medical care continues to be traditionally managed. With technological advances, there is an urgent need to build more powerful diagnostic capabilities coupled with interpretative tools. ten3T integrates its proprietary hardware and software to build convenience, cost benefits and intelligent reporting to the physician and patient. It is our vision to make cardiac care preventive, predictive and accessible to all.

Manish Singhal, Founding Partner of pi Ventures, adds,

We are very excited to partner with the talented team at ten3T. Sudhir and his team have done some path breaking work in bringing out a compact and medical grade device. We believe that Cicer will make ECG and cardiac health monitoring easy, intelligent and more accessible for all, across India and globally. At pi Ventures, we are looking to support disruptive product companies in the Applied AI, ML and IoT space and ten3T presents a very compelling case.

As per the company, in India, 30% of deaths are caused with cardiac issues at the core and lack of an adequate number of cardiologists. So, it believes that there is a need to find unique ways to accurately monitor and diagnose cardiac function. ten3T aims to do just that by being an end-to-end operator of the real time ECG monitoring business.

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