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PowerPoint presentations will no more be an unassisted show as Microsoft brings real-time collaboration for your PowerPoint slides. The real-time collaboration of files means users can share files with colleagues and let them edit it simultaneously.

With this updated version of PowerPoint, you’ll be able to track the editing of your ppt slides and share your workload. You’ll be notified about any changes being made on your Android or iOS device if you have the required app installed. However, the update is only available for Office 365 subscribers on Android at the moment but will be launched for iOS users by the end of the year.

After long, Microsoft has finally taken cues from its rival Google and forayed into the collaborative space. Google Slides, an extension of its Drive offering, had made editing articles with friends easier years ago. It has even taken collaboration a step further with the launch of a Google Slides application programming interface (API). Through the use of this API, developers can easily integrate third party tools inside of the cloud-based Google’s Slide presentation-building service.

Apart from the competition, Microsoft can be seen on a persistent ride towards the betterment of its own products. Previously it had bought power packed update for Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook tools. Also, it had recently set up a cloud-powered intelligent service for Office apps. Specifically talking about PowerPoint, Microsoft had allowed users to present their slides in whatever order makes sense without exiting the slideshow mode for its users and bought some other significant changes.

The real-time collaboration of slides will decrease the workload as well as increase work efficiency. It will shrug off security issues regarding alteration in shared files. The update is quite significant in the Office world, and builds on the Redmond giant’s focus on enterprise products.

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