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Rumors associated with Apple and its tech keep floating all over the place. Apparently, Apple may launch an iPhone with a curved OLED display as early as next year.

According to The Wall Street Journal,

An iPhone with a curved screen could be on store shelves as soon as next year. Apple Inc.’s suppliers say they have been asked to increase output of thinner organic light emitting displays and submit prototype screens with better resolution than ones from Samsung to differentiate its models.

This news comes mere days after KGI Securitie’s reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s research talked about three new iPhone variants that Apple might come up with next year. According to him, two of models could be of 4.7″ and 5.5″ range with LCD panels, while the “premium” iPhone 8 could rock an OLED screen of undisclosed diagonal.

According to speculations, an OLED version could also be introduced as one of the several new versions that are slated to be unveiled next year. What obviously goes without saying is the fact that the OLED version would have a higher price tag than current iPhone models.

Apparently, this new display will be relatively thinner and lighter as compared to the current LCD screens deployed in iPhones.  The OLED screen may ramp up costs by somewhere around $50, according to analysts.

This screen is also being said to be more energy efficient and very interestingly, it may not require a backlight to illuminate the screen. This could also mean that the battery life of your next iPhone could potentially be much longer.

Currently, more than 10 different iPhone screens are said to be under development, the OLED screen version being one of them. Therefore, there are also chances that the much awaited OLED variant will not be launched next year. This rumor is further strengthened by previous reports which said that Apple will launch 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models with the traditional LCD displays next year.

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