Mobile virtual reality currently has the market abuzz as the latest craze in the tech universe. It’s affordable, fun as hell and incredibly easy to use. Thus, fulfilling the three most sought-after criteria to be a tech market success. Do you own a set of such eye tripping hardware already?

Yes or no, honestly it doesn’t matter what your answer is because I’m fairly sure that you don’t own the right ones. And by “the right ones”, I mean cheap, comfortable and efficient. And the one product I’ve come across that seems to tick all three of those boxes is the Memore VR Shinecon headset.

The most general problem we face today with the majority of mobile VR headsets is a result of uncomfortable designs that cause physical pain and visual uneasiness after slightly prolonged usage of the product. An uncomfortable structure tends to strain the muscles around your eyes and in some cases, towards the ears. On top of that, an inadequate lens design pushes this strain on to your eyes, in turn, causing dizziness and severe headaches.

Yeah, seems like a lot of trouble to go through to enjoy a simple virtual reality experience for a few moments. And spending too much on something that seems like a phone container you put on your eyes also feels a tad bit unnecessary.

And this is exactly where the Memore VR Shinecon comes to the rescue. This headset refines your virtual reality experience turning it into an easy and comfortable few moments of casual fun.

How it works

You just need to place your smartphone (most of which nowadays are compatible) in an inexpensive headset, and it functions as your tentative display all thanks to a set of lenses that separate the screen into two images. And voila! you’re not in your living room anymore.

The shinecon has an adjustable card slot, which fits 3.5 to 5.5-inch phones, sufficient for 99 percent of the phones out there today. It also includes a pupil distance adjustment knob (56mm – 73mm) and a focal distance adjustment knob (<=20mm). These features may initially seem redundant but they play a significant role in increasing comfortability and ease of use.

Also, a feature that really impressed me is the headset’s weight. The entire object is a lot lighter than it looks, a mere 499 grams which make it feel as light as a feather when compared to other VR headsets in the market — which are of the same size. The light weight along with the overhead strap further alleviates any strain that could be caused to the facial muscles.

Fulldive experience

A personal recommendation of mine would be to couple the headset with an awesome mobile app called Fulldive. This app enables you to elevate the basic phone functionality into a robust VR-focused software experience, including watching 360-degree movies, playing games, and even browsing the internet. You can even use everybody’s favorite video streaming app YouTube within this app for a truly immersive experience but you can now also use YouTube VR app for the same. The experience wouldn’t be as exemplary as high-end VR headsets, such as Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

This brings me to my second recommendation, which only implies to you guys out there who’re as much into web gambling as I am (for reference, I’m very much into it). Using your VR headgear, you can head over to to quench your online gambling thirst in a unique immersive manner. This will make you feel as if you’re sitting and building coin stacks at a casino table in Las Vegas.

Oh! And Memore Shinecon costs a mere Rs. 799 (approx. $25, inclusive of shipping+import duties) and you can get it right here. All in all, a worthy purchase and one you won’t ever regret investing in as a VR enthusiast.

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