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Capcom’s initial reveal of the latest installment in the long-running Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7, was extremely enigmatic and intriguing, and even now, the questions surrounding the supernatural Baker family remain unanswered(and that’s a good thing).

However, Capcom is releasing small trailers one at a time at large intervals showing tiny snippets of what prospective gamers can expect, and the latest one reveals a bit of the game’s combat against a member of the Baker family.

Vol. 6 of the RE 7 teasers is titled The Immortal, and rightfully so. It showcases a small scene of the playable protagonist Ethan who’s severely wounded from being thrashed multiple times by the horrifying Jack Baker, the big daddy of the cannibalistic Baker family.

Jack Baker barely reacts to the first shot that Ethan fires at him. But just before Jack Baker goes for the life ending final blow, Ethan fires off another shot, killing him this time round. The relief, though, is short-lived as Jack Baker gets right back up a few moments later, seemingly unharmed and angrier than before.

This trailer provides a little more insight into exactly how the first-person combat in Resident Evil 7 will work, and also demonstrates that the Baker family is anything but normal(Duh!). Apart from their cannibalistic habits, it also seems like at least Jack Baker will keep getting back up on his feet, even if the player here uses his limited weaponry on him.

This will only add to the already roofed tension that Baker family will be providing, considering that they were already declared invincible based on the VR Resident Evil 7 demos released till date. All members of the Baker family have previously been shown to be capable of withstanding car explosions. So gamers will have to shoulder the task to find out if there even is a way to defeat them, or should they must simply be avoided throughout the duration of the game.

With just around three months until Resident Evil 7’s official launch, Capcom is doing an excellent job of building excitement over their game(that too without revealing too much). Most Resident Evil fans were probably already loathing their first encounter with the Baker family, and learning that Jack Baker can withstand nearly anything is probably only intensifying that anxiety.

Resident Evil 7 will release on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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