A few weeks ago, Sony unveiled two new handsets at IFA. The camera-centric devices called the Xperia XZ and the X Compact seemed to impress quite a few people but the Japanese firm hadn’t revealed any details on when the handsets would go on sale and how much they would cost. Thankfully, the company has today announced both these parameters.

Sure, getting Sony handsets in the US is quite a chore, but it seems like Sony is working hard to clear its name of this charge. According to the company, the Xperia X Compact will go on sale on the September 25 and the Xperia XZ will hit the US market on October 2. Unfortunately, the smartphones won’t quite get into the carrier world soon. You will only be able to buy an unlocked version of the flagship device and its younger brother and that too only via Amazon and Best Buy (and “participating retailers”).

The larger and more powerful Xperia XZ will cost you $699, while the smaller Xperia X Compact will just weight $499.

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Talking about specifications, the Xperia XZ comes with a 5.2-inch full-HD display, a quad core processor coupled with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Sony has gone all out in terms of the camera on these smartphones. The XZ sports a massive 23 MP rear sensor capable of recording 4K naturally, which is sure to take some beasty images. The camera also has a two autofocusing sensors capable of capturing good shots in a variety of different light conditions.

The secondary camera on this baby is a stunning 13 MP shooter capable of shooting full-HD video. A fingerprint sensor for your security along with a 2900 mAh Li-Ion battery to power the phone will make sure it doesn’t fail you when you most need it.

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The smaller Xperia X Compact, on the other hand, sports a 4.6-inch display and features almost the same features as its elder brother.

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