In what seems be an attempt to display a natural synergy between related companies, Elon Musk today said that he’s planning an October 28, Bay area unveiling of Tesla and SolarCity’s new solar roof product. This will be integrated with version 2.0 of the Tesla’s PowerWall solar storage battery for the home and also a Tesla car charger.

We first saw SolarCity’s solar roofing product a while ago and the Powerwall 2.0 at an event in Paris earlier this year. We don’t quite know yet if the products will actually be revealed on the date Musk has planned as the billionaire has been known to miss deadlines quite a lot.

This integration between the products of SolarCity and Tesla comes at a time when the latter is trying to acquire the former with a bit of resistance. As we reported earlier, Tesla is facing multiple lawsuits filed by investors and other groups with regard to the SolarCity acquisition. These suits could potentially delay the whole acquisition by months.

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According to Musk, the acquisition is pivotal for his “Master Plan: Part Deux,” something he has always dreamed of. Musk wants to create a fully self-sustaining solar-powered energy ecosystem that connects his zero emission goals between home and transportation. Guess, a practical demonstration of how great his plans are and how much it could be beneficial to the society as well as profitable to the company could just be enough to get rid of all the resistance against the merger.

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