Michael J. Fox wore them in Back to The Future II and soon, so can you. After decades upon decades of teasing and building up a following of millions of people, Nike has finally unveiled the release date of its self-lacing shoes. The HyperAdapt 1.0, as the company calls them, will hit the US markets starting November 28.

The news comes after a tweet from the company’s Heidi Burgett, who said that the new shoes will  be available for “experience & purchase” from the 28th of November, but only in select Nike locations across the US.

The shoes consist of an internal cable system made from fishing line and a pressure sensor in the sole. Putting your foot in will trigger the sensor below and the cables will tighten based on “an algorithmic pressure equation”. The tightness of the shoe can be varied at any point just by a push of a button.

There are even status indicators (LEDs) on the heel that light up when the shoes are tightening and when it’s on low battery. The shoes need an occasional charge, but that wouldn’t be a big issue as full power can be achieved in just 3 hours and the footwear can then last about two weeks. The charger is similar to the one Apple is giving out with the Apple Watch, to be honest.

Getting your hands on these babies will surely be a hard task. According to the shoemaker, you will have to set up an appointment at a select retail location, in case you’re dreaming of getting a pair of these by the end of this year.

Also, do not, for the love of all things silicon, expect these sneakers to be light on your pocket. Although, Nike hasn’t yet officially announced how much the shoes will cost, it’s quite obvious that they are for the premium customers. We’ll keep you updated in case any new news arrives!

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