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If you’re an avid follower of tech, you’ll know that Google is killing off its Nexus line and rebooting its flagship phones with the brand name Pixel instead. While we don’t quite know why the company believes this was the right thing to do, we know that the next Google flagships will be coming out on October the 4th. And to top it all off, we have a fair amount of leaks of the handsets to get us hyped!

The tech giant will be releasing two variants of its flagship smartphone this year– the Pixel and the Pixel XL– just like last year. The smartphones are going to be manufactured by HTC. This is quite interesting as Google’s first Android phone was also built by the same company. So, in a way, it’s clockwork.

Now let’s look at some of the leaks and rumours. According to a recent leak caught by German site WinFuture, the Pixel (codenamed Sailfish) will be the smaller variant with a 4.99-inch display and the Pixel XL (lovingly called at Google as Marlin) will be larger at 5.46-inches. The bezel around the display is also quite thin, giving the smartphones a more compact build and a beautiful aesthetic look.

The two new devices will also be the first smartphones to be powered by the brand new and amazing Snapdragon 821 processor. Both will have two-tone backs, based on the pictures we’ve seen so far. A fingerprint sensor on the back will act as your security guard, too.

The cameras on these bad boys are rumoured to be 12 MP (back) and 8 MP (front). All of these features described above are simply rumours and leaks and there’s a pretty good chance that these phones turn out to be completely different.

Until we get any official word from Google, we cannot actually be sure on anything. But don’t worry folks, we’ll keep you posted on that.

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