Technology Issue Summit aims to build a platform to facilitate the opportunities for Indian startups to approach Chinese capitals and also letting Chinese investors to design foreign portfolios in India. The platform also intents to let Chinese investors to design foreign portfolios in India and is scheduled to take place in Bengaluru on 24th September.

Technology Issue Summit is a quarterly event, jointly held by Onionfans, Technology Issue, Xpressn Labs, and Cyber Carrier to pilot and facilitate the integration and complementation of technology iteration, market exploration, business model upgrade and capital operation between China and India, two most creative and innovative developing countries in the world.

To build a stronger connection between China Investors and Indian startups, the conference advocates, in depth and width, for cooperation and communication in between the two nation’s internet industry and financial market. It aims at creating a comparatively harmonious environment and paving the doorway of cross-industrial collaboration between China and India accordingly.

The two days’ event will comprise of discussions on FinTech landscape, CEO conclave, investors conclave, technology issue awards, demo show by different startups. The summit welcomes all startups, established companies, and financial institutions for the demo shows.

Onionfans is a tech media and capital connecting platform which aims to make a connection between India and China. It is the first Chinese team based out in Bengaluru to share Chinese startup experience, connect Chinese capital, and serve Indian startups. It also organizes events and business tours periodically to bring the Chinese investors to India so as to let the Chinese capitals focus on the Indian market.

Onionfans is the perfect platform for the one who wants to know the very first-hand Chinese startup news and intention of Chinese capital or looking for a chance to exposure in front of Chinese Capitals, mentoring and investment. Being futuristic, it appreciates the startups with a passion for innovation and growth.


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