iOS 10

More treat from Apple. iOS 10 Gold Master — as was common knowledge — was scheduled to go live for users on September 13. But Apple is showing yet another example of Courage (they’re gonna have to deal with this for a long time), and releasing the gold master five days prior to launch.

The update started rolling out for beta testers yesterday. Essentially, this means that Apple’s public beta testers will be getting a taste of the actual software global users will be getting on Tuesday a lot earlier.

If you didn’t know already, iOS 10 will be bringing in many new exciting features along with a series of feature upgrades. We’re going to get a redesigned Apple Music app, a new and improved Messages client and a lot more. Speaking specifically about the Gold Master version of the operating system, users can expect the Health app to now host working videos for four categories– Activity, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Sleep.

The version number of the update you can download is iOS 10.0.1 (a bug fix number?) and it comes in a hefty 1.7 GB pack. Apple is calling this the biggest release of iOS ever. But then, it has been calling almost all of its product launches, pretty much that lately.

The devices that are compatible with iOS 10 include all iPhone above the fifth generation, the 6th gen iPod Touch, all iPads above the fourth generation including all the minis.

If you want to participate in Apple’s public beta program, just head right here. It’s completely free!

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