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Sony Xperia X Compact is a decent Android smartphone that fits perfectly in your hand

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“Good things come in small packages”, Sony takes this quote quite seriously I suppose. Introducing a pint-sized 4.6 Inch mobile phone just further proves the point. Sony has paired the minuscule screen in its Xperia X Compact with an awesome 23 Mega-pixel camera which also forms a part of the larger 5.2 inch Xperia XZ that was recently introduced by Sony, at IFA Berlin.

Okay so the device is small, I grant you that. However, it is also a feast to the eyes and its compact and palm-able nature sets it apart from all other gigantic screened hand held devices, that form the bulk of the market today. However, allow us to gently remind you that with small size screens also comes the disadvantage of a small display area and less roaming room for your fingers.

Users that have a high consumption of video content or EVEN the nerdy bookworms would be disappointed but hey, remember guys, many of us are of the generation that spent a bulk of our time texting on those BlackBerry’s or listening to music on our iPods. None of those had much extra legroom either and we loved them all the same. Sony don’t worry, we appreciate your inventiveness.

Coming to features, don’t expect much. You get a nice 2,700 mAH of battery capacity, a better than average 3GB of RAM, a not-so-upgraded SD 650 and 32GB of internal storage. The build is Polycarbonate plastic, which while not as bad as it sounds, does have a bunch of disadvantages. There is no waterproofing, sorry.

Small screens haven’t really been doing too good of late. Sony appears to be betting on the high-profile camera specifications to take the Compact through. It will also be interesting to see if the market is finally ready to switch back to small screens again.

The device is rolling out in the US on September 25th. Whether your pocket would love it or we will be overwhelmed by the pricing, well that depends on Sony. As of right now we cant say much, since nothing is official yet. In the mean time, keep your fingers crossed. If nothing else, the 23 MP camera that is loaded with features is certainly a must have.

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