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In a bid to increase its user base and promote the use of its platform, Twitter announced a new format to display ads that are designed to make users tweet. Christened Instant Unlock Cards, the service is an extension of Twitter’s previously launched Conversational Ads. This service gave advertisers the ability to post images and videos along with call-to-action buttons that include customizable hashtags.

Twitters growth has stagnated over the past year. The social giant reported a that its monthly active users grew by just 1 percent to 313 million in the last quarter. The company is now desperately trying to earn back its market position and the new ads format looks quite promising. In fact, Instant Unlock Card might even encourage users to sign up to Twitter.

How does it work, you ask?

Advertisers can use this format to promote their content. But there is a twist. If users want to access this content, they have to tweet in order to view it. The content unlocks only after a tweet is registered by the user. This will allow brands to push exclusive content to their users and make them tweet in order to gain access to it.

Until now, most people have been vary of Twitter because most of the content available on the micro-blogging website can be easily found elsewhere. Moreover, content on Twitter can be viewed by anyone online without the need to sign up. The new ads format, however, might change all of this. It will not just give users a reason to tweet, it will also force people into signing up for the platform to view special content from brands they like.

Twitter’s Instant Unlock Card is currently in beta trials. Coca-Cola AMC, Marvel and Axe Body Spray are the first to use this service. In fact, AMC utilised Instant Unlock Cards to promote the world premiere of its “The Walking Dead” trailer, which, if I may, was the best use of the format.

Instant Unlock Cards will appear on your timeline and provide you with clear-cut instructions on what you should do to break through to the content you want. Brands may even choose to pre-populate tweets with their hashtags etc, which the users can directly post without editing.

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