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Southeast Asia, one of the most promising markets for a variety of products and services, is witnessing numerous companies expand to the region. And in this regard, Uber’s decision to tap markets of services other than ‘transport’ seems cent percent legit.

The online transportation behemoth officially entered Southeast Asia by launching its service in Singapore more than three years ago. Since then, it has been widening its user base and expanding to more neighboring countries. With the company making huge profits in the western markets, a source was quoted saying that they are witnessing gain in Singapore and Philippines as well.

Services to ‘lure’ customers

The services Uber has been coming up include UberEats – food delivery service, UberPool – ride sharing service, UberMoto – bike taxi service and UberRush – courier service. UberRush has not been introduced to any of the cities of the region yet. UberEats has already paved a way for itself through Singapore and it might soon be expanding to Bangkok as well. UberPool, also launched initially in Singapore now operates in Indonesia in Jakarta and Manilla .

UberMoto is the one it seems to struggle with. Launched in Bangkok for the first time in February, it got banned in the city in May. It, however, has been trying to find legality in India but is striving to claim the Indonesian market amidst all the competition.


Uber has been performing well when it comes to its cab service, but to rule the markets of its other product it has a lot of competing to do. Take for example – UberMoto in Indonesia. Go-Jek, motorbike taxi service is already a hit amongst people with more than 200,000 bike drivers in the region. Not only it caters to the need of people by dropping them in less time, it offers other services and food-on demand options. Also, according to a report by Wall Street Journal, it is on its way to raise a capital go $400 million.

Grab offers ‘GrabBike’ (though it was banned in Bangkok), GrabHitch – its carpooling service and GrabFood. For food delivery service, FoodPanda, Deliveroo and Grain pose as rivals for Uber.


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