If there’s one naming ceremony (apart from your own child of course!) that tech janta globally awaits so excitingly for, its Android. And Google just gifted all of us, with yet another awesome name. Android N ? Its Android Nougat now.

Google disclosed the nomenclature for the latest Android version via a tweet. The tweet later followed an official announcement via the official handle as well.

Apart from the naming ceremony though, noting more has been revealed about the latest Android iteration.

The name, if you’d remember, has been zeroed in after Google had opened up a contest for people to suggest names. The search giant hasn’t revealed though, as to whose entry was ‘Nougat’.

Also, just so your vocabulary gets updated (and we get a longer post for the sake of our tech team’s repeated push for a better SEO score :p), here’s what Nougat is :

Happy naming day folks !

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