So The Bulletin, which ever since its inception, continues to be the only tech and startup news show coming out of India (and South Asia perhaps) was bi-weekly. It then gained traction and we made it tri-weekly. It gained even more traction (with our episodes clocking close to 5K views on facebook and youtube) and we have hence decided to make it a DAILY show !

Yes, I’ll now appear on your laptop screens daily — trying to educate you with my own quirky little ways to make sure you stay up-to-date, with the latest in technology and startups.

So without further ado, here’s The Bulletin’s latest episode (June 22nd) and it will now come daily.

Its ISRO again, coming back with a new record of launching 20 satellites on a single rocket. A fresh Windows 10 mobile build is out and finally brings tap and pay to Windows phones. Elon Musk is building ‘conglomerate of the future’ as Tesla announces intent to acquire SolarCity, and its hayday for Clash of Clans players as Supercell has been valued at a staggering $10.2 Billion.

The Bulletin airs Tuesdays to Saturdays every week, right here on The Tech Portal. Stay tuned.

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