Facebook’s Live Video broadcasting service has been around for a decent time now. It has been appreciated by most users, but some found it a bit limited. As an answer to that, the social networking giant has announced a new way to find broadcasts of your liking– ‘Live Map’.

The new service shows the map of the world with tiny blue dots on it. These individual dots represent live videos being broadcast by different users. The bigger the dot, the higher the number of people engaged in the feed. to open a stream, all you have to do is tap the dot you wish to view.

Not just this, if you look over to the panel on the left-hand side of the window, you will be able to see a list of all the most popular broadcasts. The service also allows users to view where a given video is being watched, too.

Finding and viewing live streams until recently was a bit of a chore. Users had to wait for one to appear on their Newsfeed or in their notifications tab. Changing the whole game, the map makes everything a lot simpler and engaging to use.

To use the feature, just select the new “Live Video” app from the left navigation bar in your Facebook timeline.

Facebook’s Live Video service has been evolving at a quick pace. Initially it was just a service for celebrities and then specific Pages. Later the company opened it up for anyone to use. The service now also allows users to stream videos using cameras and not just smartphones, tablets etc, Mark Zuckerberg had announced at the company’s F8 conference this year. It will only be a matter of time until the feature supports drone-powered videos and changes the area of video streaming, yet again.

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