A certain number of Android users globally, have started reporting (via AndroidCentral) that they have spotted the much awaited video call option on WhatsApp. Apparently, the feature was rolled out as part of a beta version and wasn’t available for all users.

The version reported to have brought the new button in tow was WhatsApp beta version 2.16.80. The feature wasn’t functional yet, though. Users just got an extra option when they tapped on the call button, asking them whether they wanted to place an audio or a video call. Some users reported that they were able to place video calls, but as of now, this claim is unverified.

The feature has now been removed via an update as it wasn’t market ready. But it may just have been a teaser that the company wanted to give its users to point towards the fact that video calling may soon arrive on the chat platform.

Rumours about video call being ported to WhatsApp have been trolling the Internet since late last year. We even had screenshots of an iPhone that claimed to show the video call interface of WhatsApp. Although none of the reports and claims found much ground then, it seems almost logical for the communication company to roll out video calling in the near future.

And just like audio calls last year, video calling won’t be available to all users at once. It will be a slow and steady roll out. This is because the platform has hundreds of millions of daily users, so a data-intensive feature like video calling has to be rolled out carefully to prevent any blackouts.

If you are someone who wants to get their hands on the latest features of WhatsApp as soon as the company rolls them out, just sign up to the WhatsApp beta program in Google Play.

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